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Established in 2001, District13 Computing is a small, but well established brand in the Mac community. Located in the Chicago area and working with community members globally, District13 Computing has the knowledge and expertise to help you with your questions and deployment concerns.

Latest Articles

Enterprise Backup Solutions: A Look at Solutions for the Mac OS X Platform

imgIt's the number one question on everyone's mind...

"I have a great new Xserve and Xserve RAID or Promise RAID, but how am I going to get all of this important data off-site, so I can rest easier at night?"

"What am I going to do if a disaster hits?"

"The word that comes to mind, when I try to describe my disaster recovery plan is simply disaster!"

Have no fear! We have a round up of the best backup solutions for Mac OS X that you may have never heard of! Best of all, they're all cross platform, so everyone's invited to play.


. 05 Jan 2009 . 10:37

Archiware Ships Backup2Go Update for HFS+

PresSTORE 3.2
  • New Features
    • HFS+
    • Fixes

Archiware, makers of PresSTORE have recently released an update to their backup suite of software. The most notable improvement is with the Backup2Go module, as it now fully supports HFS+ file systems as targets for user data storage. Previously only supporting ZFS, this marks a great step in helping customers adopt this software in a wider range of OS environments.

Read more at Archiware's Site...

. 26 Oct 2009 . 12:56